In Memoriam: María Sara Rodriguez Caldeyro

imagesToday the EFL Uruguayan community was awaken with the sad news of the passing of Maria Sara Rodriguez, author, teacher educator and innovator with a career that took her from her native Uruguay to Brazil and Mexico.

I didn´t have the chance to work with her or to have her as my tutor, I just attended some of her last conferences and I was introduced to the world of CLIL in a series of workshops she held back in 2008. However, I had learnt English with her. She belonged to the group of authors behind the acclaimed “Snap” series for young learners so in a way I owe her my first steps with the language. Those songs created by Ma. Sara will forever accompany me and countless others.

María Sara was a passionate educator, a leader in the field. She believed in learning as a lifelong process, so in spite of her remarkable achievements, she had embarked on a distant MA programme with the Open University, UK, which she was about to finish. She was courageous and unafraid to speak her mind even if that meant losing her job. She held Ethics above all. A lesson that in this day and age we need to be reminded of.